Board of Governance

The CAFS Board is responsible for the governance of CAFS. Ultimately, Board members accept responsibility for the services delivered by the organisation to the community and its clients.

This involves monitoring the overall direction and performance of the organisation and being accountable to the association membership for the legal and financial responsibilities of an incorporated association.

Board members are expected to be responsible community members and capable of representing a wide range of community groups and diverse social views. Board members are expected to share the mission, vision and values of the organisation as expressed in its public documents. Specific competencies may be sought as the need arises.

The Board recently revised the structure of working committees into the following:

  • Finance and Corporate Risk
  • Program Governance
  • Governance and Business Strategy
  • CAFS Foundation

The Board is increasingly focused on governance and continues to align its composition, skills and balance with contemporary standards and expectations coupled with the evolving needs of CAFS. This is reflected in the tasks it sets for itself and staff, the Board calendar, meeting agendas and the restructured operations of committees.

Executive Group

The Executive Group of the Board comprises the President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

The role of this group is to provide the following:

  • A more direct and involved interface between the Board and the CEO and his team on governance.
  • Forward-thinking leadership and challenges to the Board and its committees.

Board Profiles

Gayle Boschert – President

BSc, Grad Diploma of Nutrition and Diet, MBA

Year appointed to Board: 2013
Profession: Project Manager

Brian Lovison – Vice President

Chair – Governance & Business Strategy Committee

Bachelor of Education

Year appointed to Board: 2004
Profession: Managing Director and Founder of ASCET Digital

David Matthey – Board Member 

Bachelor of Business, FCPA, AGIA

Year appointed to Board: 2017
Profession: Financial Controller

Jen Pollard – Board Member

Bachelor of Education

Year appointed to Board: 2013
Profession: Community Development and Services Sector


To Be Announced

Richard Oakley – Board Member

Bachelor of Arts, Law

Year appointed to Board: 2013
Profession: Solicitor

John White – Board Member

B. Bus (Land Economy), Grad Dip. (APP. FIN INV.)

Year appointed to Board: 2016
Profession: Real Estate Investment

Annette Stone – Board Member

LLB (Hons), PG Dip (Legal Studies)

Year appointed to Board: 2013
Profession: Lawyer

Ross Wheatland – Board Member

Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Dip Education, MIS.

Year appointed to Board: 2013
Profession: Business Manager Finance  Ballarat Health Services

Craig Roberts – Treasurer

Chair – Finance & Corporate Risk Committee

Bachelor of Commerce CPA.

Year appointed to Board: 2014
Profession: Finance Manager, St. Patricks College

Dr Lisa Clinnick – Board Member

RN, BN, Grd.Dip.GrntN. MdN, DN

Year appointed to Board: 2015

Profession: Lecturer – School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine ACU

Charles Kemp – Board Member

B. Com, M. Ed, GAICD, M.A.C.E

Year appointed to Board: 2016

Profession: Educator/Director

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