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Culture at CAFS

Culture exists on all levels of society. Culture moves and shapes us and is constantly changing. We recognise the CAFS culture exists within and is influenced by community norms, expectations, customs and policies of our wider community.

Together in growing a CAFS culture, we hope for a set of relationship commitments that are informed by the following:

  • Our history/heritage – institutional and personal
  • The stories of our families, those we work with and those we come from
  • Our community
  • Our different belief systems
  • Our different life journeys and philosophies
  • Our day-to-day practice and experience
  • An understanding of poverty, disadvantage and isolation
  • The experience of rurality
  • Leadership that listens, respects and grows from these elements in taking us forward


Strategic Plan (July 2016 – June 2019)

The CAFS Strategic Plan is the result of a consultative process between staff, the Board and community stakeholders. This document provides our key directions for the next three years with the Board formally endorsing it in 2016. It is a living document with a regular schedule for review and modification over the three-year period.


Family Violence in the News – A Media Toolkit May 2011

Developed through the Grampians Family Violence Prevention Network with the assistance of media professionals, specialist family and domestic violence experts and consumers, the media toolkit is designed to inform the reporting of family violence and highlights the role the media plays in influencing public perception about this issue. Kate Owen and Vicki Lee Thomas are to be congratulated for driving the project.

Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry

CAFS submission for Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children was submitted to the State Government Inquiry in April 2011. The submission is available in PDF format for public viewing.