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We have recently been approached by a local Ballarat family who had an old cabinet in their house that they believed was from the Ballarat Orphanage. The family wanted to renovate their house and the cabinet was so big it didn’t really fit in with their plans. After some discussions and verification that the cabinet was, indeed, from the orphanage, we (CAFS Heritage Centre) were able to purchase the cabinet, which is now in my office. I was very pleased to see it arrive safely! This old cabinet originally would have housed the old orphanage admission ledgers and valuable items such as birth certificates, application forms, etc. There are still labels on some of the shelves that clearly indicate what was kept in them during the orphanage days. Hopefully, more items like this one might make their way to our little archive in the near future so they can be available for all to see. I welcome everyone to come and see the original cabinet for themselves. It really is a special item.


Sharon Guy

Heritage Coordinator