Why Volunteer? Read Shirley’s story

Have you ever considered joining the Wozzles Wearhouse team? Wozzles are so lucky that Shirley considered volunteering 25 years ago. Before starting her Wozzles journey, Shirley was lonely at home and wanted something to do. To this day we are still fortunate enough to have her friendly face greeting customers in our shops. Shirley has seen Wozzles grow over the years and can’t wait to see our exciting new plans to expand and open more retail outlets throughout Ballarat.

Shirley continues to volunteer at Wozzles due to 3 main reasons, “I like the company, I like the people, and I like the customers, they speak to you in the street”. If this is starting to pull at your volunteer heart strings then we are ready for you to join our team.

Current Volunteering Positions

  • Delivery Driver at the Operations Centre
  • Steamer/Ironer at the Operations Centre
  • IT/Office Assistant at the Operations Centre
  • Retail Shifts at all of our Op-shops

Interested in Volunteering?

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or email: neisha.sargent@cafs.org.au

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