HEAL Program

The HEAL (Healing Equine Assisted Learning) program brings horses and people together in a therapeutic setting. Horses are sensitive and feel subtle changes in their environment and in people working with them. This sensitivity, combined with the expertise of a facilitator trained in teaching life and coping skills, can be an incredibly powerful experience as part of a healing journey.

The HEAL program consists of a team of horses and two facilitators who have spent a great deal of their lives working with horses and people.

The experience provided to the person takes place on the ground, where they are offered an opportunity to explore issues through experiential learning. This means that participants learn about themselves and others by engaging and undertaking activities with the horses, and then processing and discussing their thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and patterns.

HEAL is not a counselling service, but provides a therapeutic environment for personal growth, healing and learning.

For further information please contact CAFS:

Email or call 0409 628 085