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Rhiannon Williams is a highly experienced executive and senior manager with significant operations, reform, and business leadership skills across the not for profit and public sectors.


Rhiannon is passionate about the work she does, and creating and influencing change in structures within both society and organisations to enable all civic participants an opportunity to lead a flourishing life. Her key strengths include development and delivery of strategies that deliver change, innovation and successful outcomes for service system users, leading high quality integrated services in communities across multiple service sectors, and delivering operational performance as well as navigating emerging and complex regulatory areas (including child wellbeing and safety reforms), change management, government policy, development and advice.

During her career, Rhiannon has held senior and Executive management roles at government, community and peak body organisations, including the Department of Education and Training, Early Childhood Management Services, Goodstart Early Learning, Community Child Care Association (CCC) and Australian Community Children’s Services (ACCS).


Rhiannon has most recently been responsible for the implementation and leadership of reforms and project management to transform the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria response to family violence, including leading the project management unit and governance as well as responsive service delivery for family violence matters throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She led the delivery of the first five Specialist Family Violence Courts (SFVC), a new Courts division and the flagship reform from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, and was privileged to additionally work within the Koori Family Violence Reform to support the integration of a culturally specific and safe family violence service response within the Courts.


Cafs has over 40 programs targeting the specific needs of the communities we serve, and Rhiannon is responsible for service delivery with and client outcomes across all of them. For her the key to achieving positive outcomes is values and strength-based collaborative work in partnership with clients and key stakeholders utilizing an approach of being practically wise and that there is a right way to do the right thing. For Cafs that includes ensuring we deliver on our strategic priorities and enable our work with clients to reflect our goals of upholding child safety, ensuring intersectional approaches to our work and eliminating family violence.


Rhiannon is passionate about the community service sector and influencing change for children and women in particular. Rhiannon’s role at Cafs contains both strategic and operational leadership and management, and aligns with her passion for working in roles that are impact-outcomes focused.


Connect with Rhiannon on LinkedIn.




• Bachelor of Social Work (1ST Class Hons), RMIT
• Member, Board of Management for Community Child Care Association of Victoria
• MARAM Intermediate Risk Assessment and Management
• Project Management by Numbers
• Dixon Partnering Solutions Partnership Essentials
• Why Warriors Bridging the Gap
• RMIT LEAD training

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