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Sharing stories about the people we support and the work we do allows us to tell you about the positive outcomes that we achieve through our programs. But it’s more than that. Our stories show that giving hope can make an amazing difference to someone’s life and the lives of their families. We’re continually humbled by the strength and perseverance of the people in our community – both the ones we support and the ones who support us – it’s your commitment that makes the difference.

Cafs Thread Together Volunteer Alison and Nicole

Cafs Thread Together is leading the change in the local community

The new Cafs Thread Together clothing hub in Ballarat is a life changing moment for those who walk through its doors. However, it isn’t just the “shoppers” who are discovering its power but also the volunteers.

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Step Up Client Cafs - black hoodie teen boy

How Step Up helped a young boy overcome violent behaviour toward his mum

Dylan was the last child anyone expected to be violent or aggressive. He’s the quiet one in the family. When Dylan was nine, he started lashing out at home.

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Cafs Foster Carers woman and man sitting on the table with notebooks and pens

How June and Robert found the right time to become Cafs Foster Carers

Becoming Foster Carers has been a life affirming experience for June and Robert. They always knew that fostering would be in their future, it was just a question of timing.

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Cafs Day Stay happy mother and father playing with their baby

How Cafs' Day Stay helped one young family establish a healthy bedtime routine

For Bianca and Josh, the excitement at becoming new parents was giving way to exhaustion. They were desperate for more sleep.

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Cafs Financial Counselling Gambler's Help Man Grey Jumper

How Cafs' financial counselling helped a dad with cancer

When you’re a self-employed dad, being sick comes with so many more concerns than your own health. With no money coming in, Tony was stressed for his family.

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Cafs Family Support Youth Female Black and White Image

How Cafs helped Chloe and her family find hope

At 16, Chloe’s young life was falling apart. Years of destructive behaviour had damaged her bond with her parents and she was no longer living at home.

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Cafs ATAR team supporting man laughing

Housing Support: How Cafs' ATAR team helped a father avoid eviction

When Bruce was in hospital and facing eviction, the Cafs Aboriginal Tenants at Risk team helped secure his tenancy.

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Cafs acknowledges our past. In the spirit of reconciliation, we give deepest respect to Australia's First Nations Peoples. Their histories, their stories, their resilience. Their connection to culture and land. The wisdom of their Elders past, present and emerging.

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