CAFS is truly appreciative of the support from many donors.  The generosity of individuals, community groups, businesses, foundations and trust enabled CAFS to help more thank 6000 individuals and families this year.

To Our Volunteers

CAFS is incredibly grateful for your valuable time

We are very fortunate to have volunteers assisting across the organisation within program areas, caring for children, Wozzle’s Wearhouse and the Early Childhood Parenting Centre. We recognise that without volunteers CAFS could not function at its current level. They contribute thousands of hours to a wide range of tasks and continuously support CAFS.

Thank you!

On behalf of CAFS Board and staff


To Our Supporters

Trusts, foundations, business partners and donors

CAFS sincerely thanks you for your support

CAFS provides services that aim to build a safer community for the future of children, young people and their families. It is only through the support of generous donors like you that we are able to work towards achieving our long-term vision: wellbeing, respect and safety for all children and families.

Your support will be an investment that enriches the lives of our children and their families.

Many thanks,

CAFS Board, staff and volunteers