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We are very fortunate to have volunteers assisting across the organisation. We recognise that without volunteers CAFS could not function at its current level. They contribute thousands of hours to a wide range of tasks and continuously support CAFS.

Interested in volunteering at CAFS?

We welcome anyone wishing to become a volunteer at CAFS to get in contact with us via the online enquiry form below. The following volunteering options are listed below:

Foster Care

Foster carers can be male or female, single, married, de facto, gay, working or retired. Becoming a foster carer is a rewarding experience. With more than one hundred children needing foster care placement, and with carer numbers at low levels, we are keen to hear from interested people out in our community.

CONNECT Mentoring

Do you have a passion for supporting young people?

The CONNECT mentoring program assists young people in care that are 16 years and above.

The aim of CONNECT is to build a sustainable friendship with a young person and provide social interaction and community engagement.

Mentoring may include practical tasks such as learning to drive. Mentors are provided with training and ongoing supervision while involved in the program.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Barb Mills, Leaving Care Mentoring Practitioner, on 5337 3333 or via email connect@cafs.org.au.

Lead Tenant Program

We are looking for…………. A Lead Tenant to support a young person!

Are you interested in supporting a young person in your community while living rent free and bill free (gas & power)!!!

What is the Lead Tenant program?

Lead Tenant is an out-of-home care placement option providing medium-term accommodation and support to young people aged 16-18 years, who can no longer live at home. This transitional program helps prepare Young people for the responsibilities of living on their own, which is often a new experience for them, and encourages their development towards being a responsible member of our community.

In a safe and semi-independent living environment, a young people is supported by an adult volunteer lead tenant, who lives in the home and provides day-to-day guidance and role modelling, supported by professional staff.

During their time in the lead tenant program, each Lead tenant must be studying, employed or actively seeking employment. They also help out with house duties, such as cooking and cleaning.

As a Lead Tenant you will receive full rent and all utilities paid. You will need a police check. Working with Children card and provide referees.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Lead Tenant

  • To be a positive role model to young person living in the house, demonstrating appropriate lifestyle, engagement in education or employment, self care, communication and behaviour.
  • To establish positive and meaningful relationships with the young people in the household, taking opportunities to develop the young person’s social and recreational skills.
  • Liaising regularly with Lead Tenant Case Managers about issues in the house.
  • To participate in discussions, meals or activities with the young people residing in the home.
  • To participate in regular supervision with the Program supervisor.
  • To assist and encourage young people to develop household routines and manage their own day to day needs.
  • To act in the best interests of the young person at all times.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of the young people.
  • To undertake basic housekeeping duties to ensure a good standard is maintained in the household.
  • To demonstrate and model good social and interpersonal skills, including humour, patience, consistency, honesty and respect.
  • To contact the on call worker in the case of an emergency or if the household members are at a risk to themselves or others.

If you would like further information on this exciting opportunity please call Sally Dupcinov on 0447 630 680 by 27th July 2016.

Please note that this is not a paid position with CAFS – it is a volunteer position – but with the added benefit of free rent and utilities.

Register Your Interest to Become a Volunteer at CAFS

Please be advised that all prospective volunteers at CAFS will be thoroughly screened to ensure the safety of children.

You can also register your interest via the online form below.

  • Early Childhood Parenting Centre
  • Wozzle’s Wearhouse assistant

We welcome individuals who would like to become involved in our pre-loved clothing shops. Wozzle’s Wearhouse sells pre-loved goods which have been donated by the community and sold to those in need. All funds raised from Wozzle’s go towards CAFS programs and services. Wozzle’s Wearhouse volunteers complete retail tasks such as sorting and folding clothes, processing items at the register and restocking shelves.

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