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Cafs is a proudly independent community service organisation with no religious affiliation. We are governed by the community we support. For nearly 160 years, the heart of our service has been the wellbeing of children, young people and their families. Today, that commitment stands strong, and we extend our inclusive and accessible programs to include everyone who needs assistance.


We partner with our community to make a lasting difference in the lives of children, young people, families and individuals. Each year we provide help and support to nearly 7,000 individuals and families across the Central Highlands.

We deliver an expansive and innovative range of support programs that fall into four key areas – Family Violence Intervention, Family Support, Out of Home Care and Client Engagement.



Cafs is committed to eliminating Family Violence and to promoting and supporting the safety of families experiencing Family Violence.


Read our Cafs Commitment to Eliminating Family Violence.



Cafs is a child safe organisation. We actively promote and protect the safety of children. Cafs has zero tolerance for child abuse or maltreatment of children. Every Cafs program ensures children and young people can actively participate in decisions that affect their lives


These words, we hold close and act on every day. We believe that the differences our people and clients bring to our organisation add to our strength. We underscore that belief with authentic action.

Cafs is White Ribbon and Rainbow Tick accredited. We recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are the First Nations Peoples of Australia and we are committed to reconciliation. We are leaders of diversity and inclusion in our community.

As a community organisation, we act as a beacon to shine a light on issues that require a voice. We act as advocates, provide a platform and help start conversations that lead to social change.

Learn More: Cafs Diversity and Inclusion.



Our roots in the local community run deep. We’ve been supporting children and families in Ballarat and the surrounding regions since the days of the gold rush. We’re invested in the wellbeing of the community we support.

Cafs works in partnership with our community. Our independence allows respond dynamically and positions us to deliver optimum outcomes for the people we support. 

Cafs Board of governance consists of locally elected community members who have the best interests of the region at heart.


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