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We are an entirely local organisation caring for local people across the Victorian Central Highlands. For nearly 160 years the heart of our service has been the well-being of children, young people and their families. Each year Cafs helps nearly 7,000 families in our community.


But our care and support means much more than numbers on a page. Every child, young person, and family member we work with has their own story.


Your support means that, together, we can make a lasting difference to the people in our community who are vulnerable and facing some extraordinary challenges.


Each year we:
● Support 6,800 families through 44 active programs.
● Care for 120 children in out of home care programs.
● Support 300 children and families through Kinship Care, Foster Care and Adoption and Permanent Care programs.
● Work with 50 families through our Keeping Families Together program.
● Delivered services to 500 families through Cafs targeted Family Support programs.
● Over 80 children and their families participated in the Strengthening Connections program.
● Worked with 200 men in our Men’s Behaviour Change and Case Management programs.
● Support 300 women to remain safe while their partner participates in Cafs programs.
● Provide brand new clothing to 1,100 people through our Thread Together Hub and Mobile Wardrobe


To donate email thanks@cafs.org.au or call 1800 692 237.



Our Promise of Quality

Quality governance is key to delivering safe, effective, connected services.

Cafs operate within strict legislative and regulatory environments and has in place a robust quality management system to support our programs, people and clients.

We are pleased to report that Cafs has successfully renewed its Human Service Standards and ISO9001:2018 accreditation.

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