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Cafs is here to help. And our door is open to everyone in the community. Our Client Engagement Team is warm and respectful. They’ll listen to your needs with complete confidentiality. Scroll down to find out more about the services we provide or contact the Client Engagement Team on 1800 692 237.


“People tell me they come to Cafs because they know that we will always help them.” Annie Drum, Client Engagement Team

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Housing and Homelessness Services

We deliver a range of housing and tenancy support programs for people in our community, including specialised services for young people and Indigenous Australians.

Financial and Gambling Support

Do you need help with unresolved debt or gambling support? Our financial support team provides free financial counselling for people struggling with debt. Our dedicated Gambler’s Help service delivers free support in a caring, non-judgmental environment.


Family Counselling

Our Family Counselling services help you foster the skills to navigate relationships within your family. Our private and confidential sessions are available to individuals, couples and families.

Family violence

Family violence can happen to anyone, but it’s most commonly carried out by men against women who are their current or former partners. About a quarter of women in Australia have experienced violence by a partner at least once.

Pregnancy Options Counselling

Pregnancy Options Counselling provides unbiased, evidence-based information about your options and the services available to you without encouraging one option over another. At Cafs, we offer you the opportunity to speak to an independent professional about all the options available to you including parenting a child, adoption, and fostering & kinship care in a safe and supported environment.


Thread Together

New clothes can mean the world to a person in need – it can help them get a new job, keep their children warm, or refill their wardrobe after fleeing family violence with nothing. Cafs’ Thread Together clothing hub gives people in need that security by providing brand-new clothing donated by Australian retailers.




Better Futures youth at Cafs

Youth Support

Youth are the future of our community. But sometimes young people find themselves in tough situations that are difficult to navigate. Our youth support programs help young people stay engaged in learning and connected to a network of support in the wider community.

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