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Cafs Annual Report 2022/23

The Cafs 2022/23 Annual Report Cover Artwork is a selection of images that show a small selection of the work Cafs completed during the year in the Central Highlands. These pictures include campaign images, events and Cafs committees and staff.  


Cafs Annual Report 2021/22

The 2021/22 Cafs Annual Report cover artwork is by Ballarat artist Travis Price. Travis has used bright, contemporary colours to represent and celebrate the diversity of Cafs people across the Central Highlands and the communities they support.


Cafs Annual Report 2020/21

The artwork on the front page of the Annual Report 2020-2021 is by Ballarat artist Travis Price. Travis uses bright colours to symbolise the Cafs offices across the region and our organisation’s relationships with local families, people, and our community. Explore a little deeper, and within the artwork, you will discover Cafs’ diversity and inclusion values – people of all abilities, religious preference and ethnicity.

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