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Out of home care

For children and young people in Cafs out of home-based care services we deliver a safe, stable and quality home environment to ensure children and young people can, where possible, have positive connections to their family. 


Discover more about Cafs Out of Home Care services below. 

About Foster Care

Foster Carers provide an essential service for children who are unable to stay in their family home. Find out more about Foster Care at Cafs.

Cafs Foster Carers woman and man sitting on the table writing down their Foster Care FAQs.

Foster Care FAQs

Are you considering becoming a Cafs Foster Carer? There is a real need for carers in our local community. Read our FAQs and find out more.

Cafs Foster Care process, with foster care family baking together.

Fostering Process

Let us know you’re interested. We’ll have a chat, step you through some of the basics of what’s involved in becoming a Foster Carer and provide you with more information.

Kinship carer and young child playing with the stuffed toy while sitting on the floor

Kinship Care

Kinship Carers are family members or close friends who care for a child they know when they are no longer able to live with their parents

Permanent carers holding their baby's hand

Adoption and Permanent Care

Adoption is when a parent voluntarily relinquishes or gives up all their legal rights and responsibilities in relation to their child, and an Adoption Order is made by a court.

Young girl holding her teddy bear as part of the foster care enquiry form

Becoming a Foster Care Enquiry Form

As the first step, a four-part assessment called ‘Step by Step’ will need to be undertaken by all members of your household. This is to assess your suitability as foster carers.

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