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Being a Foster Carer doesn’t mean a full-time commitment, and we don’t need superheroes. Just ordinary people who care, with some time.

“It’s so rewarding to see the kids grow and develop.” – Anita, Cafs Foster Carer.

Foster care mother with two foster children playing at the playground
Foster care mother and foster daughter skating in the park


How do I become a Foster Carer?

The first step is to enquire below, let us know you’re interested. We’ll have a chat, step you through some of the basics of what’s involved in becoming a Foster Carer and provide you with more information. 



Becoming a Foster Carer Form

The decision to become a carer isn’t a quick one, but we’re here to support you along the way. To start your journey to becoming a Cafs Foster Carer, please fill out the form below:


Click the images below to find out more about Foster Care at Cafs. 

“You take lots of joy in the little milestones, like seeing a child ride a bike for the first time or singing nursery rhymes with them. Some kids never even heard a nursery rhyme before coming into care.” – Anita, Cafs Foster Carer

“Our young man’s progress has been amazing, and the rewards that come with that have been equally amazing. He’s progressed from an angry little man to a happy little boy. It’s been very challenging. But as a Cafs Foster Carer, the frustrations are far outweighed by the positive changes you see in the children.” – June, Cafs Foster Carer. 

“The most rewarding thing about becoming a carer is forming the relationships and seeing the changes in the kids as they progress.” – Rebekah, Cafs Foster Carer

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