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Nicole (Back Left) Mary (Front) Bridget (Back Right)

We are always seeking volunteers to join Cafs and become part of our fantastic partnership with Thread Together. Thread Together is a not-for-profit organisation driving social and environmental change by redistributing excess clothing stock through purpose-designed clothing hubs.

Meet Bridget – A Cafs Thread Together Volunteer.

“I started volunteering at Thread Together as it fills such an important role for our local community. Working in the sector myself; I spent years hoping something like the Thread Together program would become available one day. When I heard about the Cafs program, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

Seeing first-hand the transformation of people’s self-confidence once they leave a Thread Together appointment is nothing short of amazing. Many clients have reported back to me about improved outcomes in their lives after their Thread Together appointment, such as job offers, rental application success and more. 

 Often it’s just seeing a smile from a client, or a laugh that makes my day. I truly value the Thread Together program and the wonderful staff and volunteers.”

If you would like to join Bridget and our fabulous Thread Together team email threadtogether@cafs.org.au to find out more about how to become a volunteer with Cafs.

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