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Foster Carers provide safe, warm and caring homes for children who can not reside with their biological parents. Foster Carers build relationships with, nurture and care for foster children, supporting their practical and emotional needs.

Being a Foster Carer can be a rewarding experience. One where you learn and grow alongside the child in your care.


If you are considering becoming a Foster Carer, the team at Cafs are here to support you every step of the way.

When you become a Cafs Foster Carer, you can expect:


  • Ongoing support from a dedicated team of experienced professionals  
  • Help and support from people who truly understand the community in which you live and work. 
  • A range of caring options to suit your lifestyle including respite care through to permanent care.
  • Regular opportunities for you to meet with other carers.
  • Accredited and ongoing training to support your foster care journey.
  • Ongoing support, advice and encouragement of Cafs team members.



“Our young man’s progress has been amazing, and the rewards that come with that have been equally amazing. He’s progressed from an angry little man to a happy little boy. It’s been very challenging. But as a Foster Carer, the frustrations are far outweighed by the changes you see in the children.” – June, Cafs Foster Carer. 


You can choose the level of care that fits with you and your family.
There are so many ways that foster carers support vulnerable children and young people, from simple overnight stays, to respite care on weekends, and short and longer-term placements, and Cafs is here to help and support carers.



If you can provide a safe and nurturing home for a child, you can become a Foster Carer.

At Cafs, we embrace diversity and inclusion and encourage people from all sectors of the community to consider becoming a Carer. We welcome people who identify as LGBQTI+, who come from different cultural or religious backgrounds, and people at all life stages.
You can be single, partnered, retired, working
full-time or part-time, or be in a same-sex relationship. We welcome applications from anyone who can meet the requirements of this special role.


Becoming a Foster Carer is a significant commitment, but it offers an even greater reward – the chance to make a positive impact in a child’s life.
Giving a child a stable, caring home provides them with a sense of belonging and helps them stay connected to the community around them as they learn and grow.


If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Foster Carer with Cafs, we’d love to hear from you. 

To start your journey to becoming a Cafs Foster Carer, fill in the form below.
Information collected is required for our records and kept confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Becoming a Foster Carer Form
The decision to become a carer isn’t a quick one, but we’re here to support you along the way.As the first step, a four-part assessment called ‘Step by Step’ will need to be undertaken by all members of your household. This is to assess your suitability as foster carers.To start your journey to becoming a Cafs Foster Carer, please fill out the form below:
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