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Cafs Children’s Contact Service

A safe and nurturing environment for children to maintain contact with a parent who is no longer living with them.

Dad’s Tool Kit

A parenting group program for dads who want to improve their relationship with their children and work on being the best parent they can be.

Early Help
Early Intervention support provided on location at selected primary schools and kindergartens.

Family Relationship Counselling
A relationship counselling service for individuals, couples, and families.

Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program
An education program for parents who have separated.


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Homelessness Assistance and Support
Services for people in private, public and community housing to help them maintain or access housing, as well as navigate tenancy issues.

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Men’s Behavior Change

A program for men who use violence against their current and former partners and other family members, including children.


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Financial Counselling
Financial and paralegal support for people who find themselves in financial difficulty through unresolved debt.

Gamblers Help
Therapeutic and practical supports for people impacted by gambling and the gambling of people they care about. Gambling harm prevention sessions for students, teachers, parents, and gaming venue staff.

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