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Cafs Thread Together welcomes LGBTIQA+ community with styling workshops

With thanks to a grant from the Empowering Communities Fund through The City of Ballarat and Department of Justice and Community Safety, Cafs Thread Together is delivered a FREE styling workshop specifically aimed at members of the LGBTIQA+ community, offering a safe and supportive environment to celebrate and embrace individuality.

The workshop held was facilitated by professional stylist, Claire Jensen. With her extensive experience working with the LGBTIQA+ community, Ms. Jensen offered guidance and insights about navigating personal style while embracing and expressing one’s identity. Participants had the chance to engage in one-on-one consultations with Claire, where they receive tailored advice and recommendations to suit their unique preferences and needs.

“We were incredibly excited to host the Thread Together Styling Workshops,” said Cafs CEO, Wendy Sturgess. “This program reflects our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive community that embraces and celebrates diversity. We believe that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and we wanted to provide a platform for LGBTIQA+ people to explore and showcase their style.”

“For many of us, we get dressed everyday based on what we know about fashion and what we’ve been conditioned to believe style to be. But, actually, it’s so much more, said stylist Claire Jensen. “When we can tap into how we want to be perceived and how this is reflected in our wardrobe, the impact is transformational. When a client is also going through a period of transition, the impact is 10 fold because suddenly the person presented to the outside world matches who we’ve always been on the inside.”

Anyone interested in more information on the Thread Together Styling Workshops should contact Cafs Thread Together on 1800 692 237 or threadtogether@cafs.org.au.

Nicole, Claire and Mike at the Cafs Styling Workshop
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