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Dad's Tool Kit open for Term 3 bookings

Dad’s Tool Kit is a FREE parenting program that works with fathers and carers providing a safe space to explore their role as a parent.

Throughout the program participants are encouraged to explore and build their parenting skills, identify ways to create a safer home environment and develop an understanding of their child’s well-being and developmental needs.

The program consists of nine weekly 2 hour sessions cover a range of topics including:

  • A participant’s role as a father and their motivations for change.
  • Personal values and how our behaviours demonstrate these values.
  • Anxiety and how it can impact on parenting capacity.
  • Interpersonal transactions and communication styles.
  • The impact family violence has on the wellbeing and development of children.
  • The impact our personal experiences have on our values, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Discussion and exploration of the patriarchy, male privilege and equality concepts. This includes a focus on entrenched beliefs about women, relationships, consent and the qualities which constitute a healthy relationship.
  • Strategies to enhance parenting capacity and understanding of child safety, stability and development.

Participant Feedback

  • “Really loved hearing from Dad’s about their experiences. Really appreciated the opportunity to complete the course. I now do things everyday with heightened awareness and will ultimately be a better dad from what has been learnt. Can’t thank Cafs enough. Topics were all relevant despite every Dad having their own unique circumstances.”
  • “I am getting a lot out of the program. I never really gave much thought to how my own actions impacted my kids, particularly my son. It is starting to make a lot of sense why my son is struggling at the moment and playing up a bit. It probably all comes back to my actions he was witness to. I now have a lot of work to do to help him understand that my actions were wrong.”
  • “Loved the program, being able to listen to other Dad’s experiences and how they have overcome their own adversities. Was a huge learning experience.”
  • “Believe every father would benefit from DTK. Soaked up a lot of useful information for the future.”
Little boy is playing with his Dad's Tool Kit
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