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UFS to support Cafs with Back to School Vouchers

Thursday 16 February, 2023


Cafs is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ballarat Foundation and UFS Dispensaries (UFS) to support 300 local children with FRRR Back to School Vouchers. The Back to School Vouchers will be obtained by utilising $7500 donated by UFS and will be directly distributed to Cafs prior to the start of the 2024 school year with the aim to assist the most vulnerable children in the Out of Home Care or Family Support programs.



The vouchers will greatly assist parents and carers with the cost of starting school and provide a greater opportunity for educational success. These Back to School Vouchers can be used at either Target or Kmart to purchase school items such as school shoes, uniform, stationery or in some cases, vouchers are used to buy items for school camp or sports.



Cafs CEO, Wendy Sturgess said, “Cafs welcomes the opportunity to partner with two well respected organisations who share our commitment to caring for members of our local community. The provision of these Back To School vouchers means that we can relieve some of the financial pressure families face in getting children back to school, keep children engaged in formal education and help to break the cycle of disadvantage.”

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